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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This is mt first blog reveal ever so I am very excited and just a little nervous about doing it the right way. So please forgive me if I screw up this first time. It won't be due to a lack of caring just an abundance of ignorance!
My blog swap partner was Patty Gasperino and I just adore the beautiful earrings she made me with beads from Lutka and Co. They are a perfect match for one of my favorite sets of patterned scrubs that I wear to work weekly.

They are just the right shade of blue with blue and green swirls that resemble roses. They are just perfect!!  Thank you, Patty! Now I am going to try to post the list from Diane's email of the rest of he swab partners. Wish me luck!!


  1. Very pretty earrings those will get lots of wear. Patty is such a hoot.

  2. Nice sweet earrings > It is so great to get a pair to wear with scrubs! I know!

  3. Hello,
    I think this is a good creation:) Very nice beads!
    Greetings from Poland:)

  4. Beautiful earrings! Patty's the sweetest thing around, isn't she? I love what you created for her too!

  5. Such a pretty pair of earrings in colors that will go not only with scrubs, but jeans and so many other things. Just lovely!

  6. All good! THe post, the earrings, you are a swap success.

  7. The groups not reading your blogs are missing out a lot of caliber material.