Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Gemrose Etsy Store

My Gemrose Etsy shop is up and running. It seems longer than a week ago since I started this blog so I was thrilled to see it was only last Sunday that I said the shop would be open for business by Friday and I did it!! There is a definite learning curve to navigating the web to get it all up and connected with Facebook and the other links I am planning so please bear with me while I figure it all out.
Many, many thanks to the family and friends that have supported me through this new venture and who continue to believe in me and nudge me on.
Thanks to my daughter, Chelsea, for telling the world through Twitter, Tumbler and Facebook about my new shop AND the new mother/daughter shop in the works for fanatical fans of the sci fi world.
 Thanks to my friend, Andrea, who talk about my new venture to everyone they know and cheer me on.
Thanks to friend and fellow artisan, Cindy, who finally got me to sit down at my laptop and open the store and make the business cards, finally, finally. You will be able to purchase some of her bronze metal pendants in my shop real soon.
And of course to my son, Dylan, who gave me the courage to hit the PUBLISH button the first time to list that  first pair of earrings. He continues to be my tech guy at the homefront.
And for the really good news- there are 9 items listed in the store now- earrings and wrap  bracelets to start with more to follow later on today and necklaces are on their way.
There are coupon codes for free shipping from Andrea, Rich and Chelsea and for all my friends at Gentle Dental. Just apply at checkout in the shop. If you do see something you want, grab it. All pieces listed are one of a kind or very limited edition and are indicated in the item's description. If you have missed out on something you really loved, call me or convo me through the shop's contact seller button. Perhaps I can custom design a similar item for you if similar components are still available.
Willow Leaf Bracelet
Happy Shopping,

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