Friday, November 25, 2011

HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY--NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I just do not like "Black Friday"... I don't like the name, or the idea or the commercialism of it all. I especially do not like the panic that surrounds the whole concept. Have to get to the store before anyone else  for the best deals?  Like a commpetition.  I really do not agree with it.  Did anyone else see the lines on the news? People lined up with tents and sleeping bags outside Best Buy to get there first before they run out of 42" flat screens? It looked just like people in other countries lined up for food, clean water and medical supplies. What is wrong with us anyway?
And what especially bugs me is what I heard on the news that the stores and the government are hoping we, the consumers, spend a lot this holiday season to stimulate the economy. Why can't the banks and the government play their part in that? Why does it always fall to the little guys like us to "bail" them out? Haven't we already done enough to bail out the banking industry?  I refuse to be a part of this whole thing.
My family and I have found ourselves in a unique situtation this year. I have been unemployed for a month now and although the week after next I start my new job, we find ourselves without the extra cash we might have had in years past to shop. I have never been a BLACK FRIDAY shopper anyway. But this year especially I will not be doing any mall shopping or big box store shopping.
We are fortunate to have a small shopping list this year.  Even for my kids I will be making some of their gifts. The rest I will shop for locally in small stores owned by local people whenever possible. My kids are not typical- they don't want APPLE or ABERCROMBIE or anything with a label at all. My kids both love books. My daughter loves pens and notebooks. I feel very fortunate that at this time in their lives and mine we are not slaves to fashion or fad.
So whenever possible I intend to give or buy homemade. Try to do the same wherever you can on your shopping list this year. Let's not stimulate the ecomony of  BEST BUY or COSTCO or WALMART, if possible. I plan to stimulate the economy of  fellow artisans such as myself. Shop ETSY, or local craft/art fairs or local stores owned by your fellow Long Islanders.  Theirs is the only economy I care about this holiday season.

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  1. Amen, I have always made as much of my gifts as possible and this year is not any different except that I will be buying all handcrafted items.